Chris Masamune/AshesXDiamonds. Sound Designer/Engineer. Recording Artist. Independent. Godless. Horror & Manga Fanatic. Circa 1986.
27. August 2014

From now on I refuse to date women with whom I don’t share the same musical interests. Whether we want to admit it or not, certain personalities are synonymous with particular types of music and quite frankly if we have apposing interests in music chances are we come from two completely different places and depending on what those places are, the possibility of one willing to understand the other are more or less slim. Our humor will be mostly different. Our sarcasm will be different. Our goals will most likely differ as well. I’ve tried to be that universal guy for long enough but I’m done wasting the energy. Underground electronic music, metal, and alternative hip hop are heavily potent in my heart and if that’s not something a chick is into, it just won’t last between us. No matter how physically attractive, it doesn’t matter, the true beauty lies in what we can connect on and music is such a glorious place to start. 

- Chris Masamune

A new one I did this weekend :)