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Godzilla slayer..


A track like this was bound to come from me sooner or later, and here it is. The clip is hella long but the full track is nearly 7 mins. Masamune motherfucker. FACEBOOK.COM/MASAMUNEMUSIC

2. April 2014

A lot on the plate for 2014. This year will easily end up being my busiest yet as far as music is concerned. Projects for both Masamune and AshesXDiamonds are in the pipeline. 

  • The Anomaly EP by Masamune coming next month on Play Nasty Records
  • A special untitled project for AshesXDiamonds is currently underway. Comprised of hip hop instrumentals reimagining many great anime and video game themes from Ninja Scroll, Parasite Eve and many more. Possibly seeing a release sometime in the 3rd quarter. 
  • Masamune Remix of Charly by The Prodigy. This tune was my introduction to electronic music back in 1993, therefore it deserves a remix from me :) Coming soon as a free download.
  • And last but not least, Masamune vs. DJ Saintone Crossbreed/DnB collaboration EP “Unusual Suspects” currently underway. Release TBA.

Thank you to anyone who follows my progress, and if you don’t, support

- Chris Black






30. March 2014

I just woke up from a gnarly dream. I’m going to record it here the best I can from my recollection so here goes…

I have two close female friends whom were present in this dream. I don’t want to give their real names so we’ll just call them “Sara” and “Jesse”

It started off at a mall in an unfamiliar city in which the 3 of us had traveled to meet Jesse’s boyfriend. Jesse had bitten her boyfriend’s finger off in the heat of an argument over his alleged infidelity and was being taken to jail. Blood was everywhere, some had even gotten on the white shirt I was wearing. Sara and I tried our best to defend her saying that he was abusive and was going to hurt her but the cops weren’t buying it. We followed the cop cars in our car as they took her to the precinct. The precinct resembled a huge dark castle from a Tim Burton film; sort of a cross between Bruce Wayne’s mansion and the Chernobyl power plant with dark crimson skies and black clouds surrounding. 

Once we’re inside, we noticed Jesse’s dad and brother had shown up there whom were very strict. Jesse was adrenaline fueled, still in a rage, her hair in a frenzy, the blood of her boyfriend’s finger still running down her face. Her family yelled at her, expressed their thoughts of disowning her then left her there. Officers then approached Jesse, gave her what looked like a biscuit to eat, then escorted her inside to the holding cells.

Sara and I are now trying to figure out what is going on, so I told Sara to wait in the waiting room for me while I check on things. As I approach the desk, an officer approaches me and begins to interrogate me about the blood on my shirt. I’m explaining to him that it was from the incident but he was not buying it. Apparently in this “unfamiliar city” it is illegal and punishable by death to bite your significant other in public. He then tells me they’re going to execute Jesse tonight and if he finds out I played a part in it, I would be executed as well. He put me under arrest and took me to a room with all windows. Sara could see me and I see her on the outside. Not only am I trying to save Jesse now, but also trying to save myself. 

After being in this room for a few seconds, the officer gives me a biscuit and tells me I have to eat it right in front of him. Convinced that it was probably poison, I threw it against the window, told him to go fuck himself, and demanded they release our friend. He beat me to a bloody pulp with his nightstick and told me I would be going to prison for 8 years for what I had just done. He also says that Jesse’s execution was probably already over, which drove me into a berserk. Bruised and bloodied from the nightstick beating, I arose, punched the officer with every ounce of strength and energy I had, took his keys, unlocked the door, and began running. As I’m running I noticed Sara is completely out of sight. Another thing I notice is that this precinct is built like a Labyrinth and immediately I am lost. Eventually, I came to a set of double-doors that led to an outside courtyard area where there were shitloads of officers telling me to just eat a biscuit and quietly come with them. I softened my demeanor as one of them approached me. Just as he came face to face with me, I felt my adrenaline rise abruptly and I bit his head off in a single bite and spit it across the courtyard. 

The dream stopped here. 

I wish someone could make a short claymation film for me on this…